Network Module

1/2.8″ Long-focal Network Module

  • Image Sensor : IMX291 1/2.8 inch 2 Mega
  • Lens: 32X 8~250 FNo: 1.8~6.0
  • Max. Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Frames per second: 25/30
  • Min. Illumination: 0.05 lux
  • Output Format: 1080P/25, 1080P/30
  • Denoise: 2D/3D
  • Optical zoom: 32X
  • Digital zoom: 12X
Image Dimension6.3mm (Type 1/2.86)
Effective Pixels2.4MP
Progressive ScanSupported
Output Pixels / Frame Rate1920(H)x1080(V)/25fps / 1920(H)x1080(V)/30fps
Pixel CurerSupported
Optical Zoom32X
Focal Distance8.0-250mm ?3%
ZoomOptical Zoom / Digital Zoom / Direct Preset Position / Indirect Preset Position
FocusAuto / Manual / Infrared/Visible Light Switching
AGCAuto / Manual
ApertureAuto / Manual
White BalanceAuto / Manual / RGain Adjusting / BGain Adjusting
ExposureAuto / Manual / Aperture Priority / Shutter Priority
SharpnessAuto / Manual
OSDOSD Display / Title Display
ImageFlip Vertical / Flip Horizontal / Image Freezing / Black to Color/Color to Black / Backlight Compensation / Noise Reduction / Gamma / Privacy Masking / Digital Wide Dynamic / Electronic Defog

DateFile NameDownload
2016/02/01PN9432-H1T User Manual.pdfInvalid download ID.
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